Booking your venue is not only one of the larger items you need to make sure your book but it is one of the most important and should be at the top of your to do list. It can be a little bit intimidating to know what to ask your venue or even remember everything you need to know about the place so we have put together a list of things to help you make sure you find the perfect place! 

1. Is our wedding date available? 

The most popular of the questions to ask your wedding venue? The date! Find our if your date is available. And if so, how to book it to ensue your date is saved. 

2. How many other weddings are booked on the same day?

Its helpful to know how many other weddings are happening at the same time as yours. Its fine if there are additional weddings the same day, as long as there is ample staff that can handle the size of your event. 

3. How much is the deposit?

Be very clean on how much is owing to reserve the date, when it is due, and how you can make a payment. 

4. How many deposits are required?

If more than one deposit is required, find out when they are due and which method of payment can be used. 

5. Do we owe for "extra" costs?

The extra costs are sometimes in fine print and can include a cleaning fee, overtime charge or gratuity. Make sure you get all the costs before signing anything. 

6. What is the cancellation policy?

As with any contractual obligation, you should know what the cancellation policy is. You most likely won't need to use it, but what if you found a venue you like more? or something unexpected came up?

7. When do you need the final head count / what is the last possible date for changes?

8. Who will be in charge of your wedding the day of?

If you can meet them - that's even better! Its always helpful who will be in charge of your wedding at the venue; getting to know them beforehand is always a plus. 

9. Can we make a payment arrangement?

This is helpful if you are hoping to make a payment schedule set up to make fixed payments over a set period of time for the remaining balance. 

10. Do I need to use their vendors?

Find out which vendors are required by the venue. Some venues have specific caterers, djs, florists that they work with exclusively. If you have a preference on a specific vendor, make sure you ask this question before booking with the venue. If you can bring your own vendors, see what they offer vs what you need to bring your self (ex. sound equipment) 

11. what time can vendors arrive to set up?

12. Is the venue handicap accessible?

13. Will there be ample parking?

This is especially helpful if you have a large quest list. 

14. what are your decoration rules?

Most venues have rules on how to decorate and where. Make sure you find out before moving forward AND ask any specific questions before signing. If you wish to use candles, find out first if they will allow it, many places prohibit them. 

15. What time do quests have to leave the venue?

Many venues have a curfew time to abide by by-laws. It is also a good idea to ask if there is a charge for over time in which case the party goes longer than expected. 

16. Who is responsible for setting up and taking down decor? When does it need to be completed?

The venue could be booked with another event right after yours so the clean up may need to be done right away. They may have staff that provide these services as well. But if not Creative Events are here for you! 

17. Are there any limitations with the photographer? 

In some cases the photographer may not be able to be in a certain area on the property to take pictures. It would be a good idea to find out if there are any places where you may not be allowed and pass that information onto your photographer and or videographer. 

18.  Is there an in house bartender or caterer? 

If there is an outside caterer you wish to use, ask to see if that is allowed. As mentioned above, many venues already have a caterer at the ready and do not allow outside caterers. 

19. (If outdoor venue) - What is the policy on inclement weather? Is there a backup location?

20. What is your pricing for bar-tending / alcohol?

Find out if you can bring your own liquor (if you wish), if there is a corkage fee (you'd be surprised at how quickly this can add up), and make sure they have a liquor license.